Wednesday, 10 February 2010

XML Merge showing automatically resolved in JDeveloper

Some times when you update your Subversion working copy in JDeveloper a conflict will be detected in an xml file, such as the adfc_config.xml file for instance, but when you open the conflicted file in the resolve conflicts editor you get a perky dialog saying 'No unresolved conflicts'

This is because Subversion uses a basic line based compare which cannot resolve some simple xml changes, such as adding a couple of attributes to a tag, because that is seen as a line change so the Subversion server marks it as in conflict. Whereas JDeveloper has an XML aware compare tool that see this as a trivial xml change and automatically resolves it for you and returns the 'No unresolved conflicts' message.

See, we are helpful, except for perhaps the wording of that message...

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